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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Executive Directors February Report

February Executive Summary

With the Legislative Session in full swing as of first of February the office was inundated with requests for events of every kind. By the end of the month the capitol had hosted over:
· 30 Free Speech Events
· 15 Dances
· 1 Wedding
· 11 Corporate Events
· 11 State Sponsored Events
· 25 Bridal photographs
One of the surprises for this year was both the number of events as well as the type of events. There is clearly a need for a category of event that is specific to the legislative session. The Board and the Subcommittees will need to address this issue following the Legislative session.

During the Legislative Session the Executive Director worked closely with the Chairs of the Capitol Facilities and Government Operations to identify a way to lessen the impact of the state wide budget cuts. Due to the successful fiscal management of the Capitol Restoration $863,400 were identified as clear savings which could be retuned back to the appropriations subcommittee. With these additional funds committee members felt comfortable with a reduced cut by way of a backfill to the capitol maintenance budget and too many other state programs.

Working with the Project Definition consultant the Executive Director has identified a date of May 26 through the 28 for the first workshop to explore idea and concepts for the North Building. Additionally the consultant has his consultant working aggressively on a facilities assessment of the State Office Building to determine it structural, mechanical and electrical adequacy. A preliminary report will be provided in March.

The Executive Director held a one day workshop with the Design Build team who will be providing the remodel work at the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. Prior to beginning any work, it was important for the design and build team to understand the over all goals for the project. Many different options were investigated towards the end of the day one over all direction was starting to take shape. This option would include several phases all with the focus upon the master plan. Phase one will include the repairs to the exterior stone and the life safety hazards that exist inside the building.

Energy and Environmental Stewardship

The Executive Director has begun looking at what opportunities exist for saving energy and reducing the over all cost of energy on Capitol Hill. These ideas will be incorporated into the 2010 Master plan update that will occur this year and will be presented to the Preservation Subcommittee and the Board for approval. One of the elements may include the option for solar panels on the roof of the capitol. The Executive Director has been investigating this option for several months and will have information to present to the Preservation Subcommittee in the first meeting following the legislative session.

Capitol Restoration Award Update

During the Month of February the Capitol Preservation Board received recognition by receiving the following awards:
· David H. Hart, FAIA was recognized by the National American Institute of Architects (AIA) for his work on the Utah State Capitol and elevated to Fellow of the Institute.
· Traditional Building Palladio Award – Architectural Restoration and Renovation Award
· ACEC National Award for Structural Engineering
· ACEC Utah Grand Award for Structural Engineering
· ACEC Utah Grand Award for Building/Technology Systems
· Earthquake Engineering Research Institute Special Recognition Award
· American General Contractor of Utah – Building Project of the Year Award
· American General Contractor of Utah awarded David Hart, FAIA the owner of the year award