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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Capitol Preservation Board Approved Amended Facility Use Rule

In the Capitol Preservation Board’s quarterly meeting, the Board unanimously approved the proposed amendment to R131-2, Capitol Hill Complex Facility Use. This rule was amended to provide a process so an applicant may use a private caterer in Capitol Hill facilities.

The amended rule requires private caterers to meet the same qualifications as the preferred caterer. Forms were developed for private caterers to fill out and meet the required qualifications. These forms were presented to the Board by the executive director.

In approving the amended rule, the Board requested:
1. The executive director to work with applicants and caterers in completing the forms, as well as to provide feed back on the forms and their use.
2. The executive director to identify areas of conflict or confusion in the rule, such as prohibition of open flames, and bring these issues to the Budget Development and Board Operations Subcommittee for discussion.
3. The executive director to address the use of the facilities during the legislative session.

The executive director introduced the new Blog for the Capitol Preservation Board. The Board’s office is looking to provide accurate and timely information, and at the same time save costs. The Blog will replace the executive director’s monthly report.