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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Blossoms at the Utah State Capitol

The master plan and restoration of the state Capitol included planting more than 400 new Yoshino Cherry trees, which have a beautiful pink color when in bloom, and 24 Bradford Pear flowering trees. These trees are now approaching full bloom and add a wonderful enhancement to the Capitol Hill Complex. Hundreds of tulips will also be in bloom and add a beautiful splash of red, yellow and white color to the complex.

In addition, the grounds will have several drought tolerant gardens. These gardens include the south walkway garden, north gardens, Mormon Battalion garden and others. These gardens were designed by MGB+A and provide wonderful color variations while reducing water consumption.

The Capitol Preservation Board invites you to visit Capitol Hill to enjoy its picturesque grounds encompassing the Capitol. Walk the three quarter mile Memorial Olmsted oval walkway, which is lined with the cherry trees. Visit the center plaza just north of the Capitol to enjoy the tranquility of the reflecting pool and the flowering pear trees. Whatever your pleasure, you’re sure to enjoy the beautiful landscaping at the Capitol Hill Complex. (For more information about the Cherry Blossoms click here.)